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Building Tip #47: Tiled Patio Enclosure vs. Open Wooden Decks

Building Tip #47: Tiled Patio Enclosure vs. Open Wooden Decks

Usable outdoor space gives the homeowner a huge advantage in leisure, livable space, return on investment, and home beautification, but at the end of the day it comes down to your personal living preferences. Both have their advantages making them the top two favourite choices for outdoor living space. Read on for the pros and cons of the favoured options and discover which choice would be right for you. 

Decks Pros:

High resale value:
Adding a deck onto your home will help your home to sell for a higher price should you ever choose to sell. In fact, decks have been estimated to add more value to a home than any other home renovation project, indoors or outdoors. Keep in mind that you will need to maintain it regularly to capitalize on your investment. 

Beautiful views:
Decks can be easily elevated by design giving your home an area with a fantastic view. Not only does this make the deck more enjoyable to spend time on, but can also add more value to your home. 

Perfect for uneven landscape:
Regardless of what type of terrain you have in your garden, a deck can level out the area creating a more aesthetically appealing space. 

Comfortable in hot climates:
Wooden decks naturally absorb heat without retaining it, this makes it the perfect option for an outdoor living space in warmer climates. 


Weight restrictions:
What you have permanently situated on your deck needs to be carefully considered before you decide on a deck as it will have restrictions on how much weight it can carry. 

Short lifespan:
In comparison to other outdoor space options, decks have a relatively short lifespan if not properly maintained and can easily rot or become discoloured in direct sunlight. 

While beautiful to have on your home, the deck's aesthetics comes with a price tag higher than that of other outdoor space options. 

High maintenance:
Depending on the materials used for your deck, it may need to be power cleaned and re-treated every two to three years to extend its lifespan and maintain it's decorative appeal. 

Enclosed Patios Pros: 

Relatively Cheap to install:
So long as the area in which you plan to install your patio is situated on level, easy to prepare ground, installing a cement based patio is probably the most cost effective solution to achieving your outdoor living area. 

More private and extension of the home:
As patios can be installed directly onto the same level as your lawn, your patio will provide more privacy from surrounding trees, walls, and fencing than one would receive with decks. 

Easily maintained:
Unlike wooden decks, cement based patios which are tiled are much easier to clean and maintain.

Long lifespan:
Enclosed patios are extremely durable against the harsh outside elements and can last for over 25 years without being regularly maintained. 


More construction:
Some patio projects will take longer to construct and install, especially if the area where the patio is intended for will require a lot of ground movement and preparation. 

Prone to cracks and crevices:
 If the ground beneath the patio hasn't been properly prepared for the weight of the patio itself, the foundation could shift and cause the patio to split into a crack, or worse, a crevice can form. 

Poor Insulation:
Patios are great during the summer months as they don't become too warm, however, during the cold winter months the concrete fails to give the same warmth as a deck provides both visually and physically. 

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